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Bliss (2003 - 2004)    

Bliss is a bold and risk-taking look at women’s erotica. The series unmasks sexual relationships, exposing intimate truths and fantasies that appeal to women… and men.Bliss is an anthology series based on innovative international erotic fiction written by women, and directed by critically acclaimed women directors that explores the lives, passions and fantasies of women as they discover their true selves.

Producers: Janis Lundman, Adrienne Mitchell, Arnie Gelbert, Ian Whitehead, Laurie Finstad-Knizknik
DIrector: Adrienne Mitchell, Holly Dale, Wiebke Von Carolsfeld, Sylvie Rosenthal, E JaneThompson, Stacey Stewart Curtis, Mina Shum
Starring: Peter Wingfield, Danny Gilmore, Jennifer Podemski, Ben Bass, Linda Boyd, Rachel Hayward, Wendel Meldrum, Andrew Airlie, Allan Hawco, Stephanie Morgenstern

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